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How To Use Smuggler Pass Token In Skull And Bones

Here's how to use the Smuggler Pass token in Skull and Bones.

With the start of the Skull and Bones season 1, Raging Tides, plenty of new content has been introduced to the game. This brings us to the battle pass system called the Smuggler Pass which also features the Smuggler Pass Token as its main currency. While the battle pass is available by default for every player, you must activate it by using these Tokens. But how to get and use the Smuggler Pass Token in Skull and Bones?

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out how does the Smuggler Pass works and a list of all the rewards you can get. So, here’s everything you should know.

How to Use the Skull and Bones Smuggler Pass Token

skull and bones smuggler pass token
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Before we start, you must complete the Heist on the High Seas quest to unlock the Smuggler Pass. Since it is one of the early quests, you won’t have any trouble unlocking it late. But as for the players that have a Smuggler Token, you can directly head to the Store to activate the battle pass.

As you head to the Store, use a Token to activate the premium Smuggler Pass in Skull and Bones. So, follow the below steps to activate it:

  • Pause the game and head to the Store.
  • Switch to the Smuggler Pass tab.
  • Select the Premium Pass tab.
  • Then, press the assigned keybind to redeem the Smuggler Pass Token.

Now, you can complete the battle pass to earn exclusive rewards.

How Does the Smuggler Pass Work?

Once you have activated the Smuggler Pass, you can obtain the Smuggler’s Mark. For that, you can complete various challenges and gain Infamy. You earn Smuggle Points for completing challenges and once you have collected 1000 SP, it rewards you with a Smuggler’s Mark.

You can use it to spend on exclusive and premium rewards that can be bought using the Smuggler Pass Tokens. In total, there are three progression paths in the game. These are Quartermaster, Gunnermaster, and Shipmaster.

Depending on the rewards and playstyle you prefer, you can select any path. After clearing challenges and earning 45 rewards, you will be rewarded with the Barque ship bundle. Adding more, you will also be rewarded with the Skelly Welly Pet bundle. Note that you require 90,000 SP to complete the event.

That’s all covered about how to use the Smuggler Pass Token. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guide on how to get the Dardanelles gun, how to start a supply run, and explore more Skull and Bones Guides in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.