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Silent Hill: The Short Message Official Artwork and Plot Leaked

Silent Hill: The Short Message seems to be yet another project dedicated to the Konami franchise, and a leak shows it further.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is the game of the moment apparently, because after a recent leak comes another leak. This time the official artwork and plot of the game seem to have been leaked. Check out the complete details below.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Official Artwork and Plot Leaks Out

silent hill the short message official artwork

Konami’s horror saga, Silent Hill, is the protagonist of a revival that has been awaited for many years, which will allow not only to rediscover one of the most loved chapters of all time, but also new unpublished projects.

Among the many projects, there is also this mysterious Silent Hill: The Short Message, which has remained in the shadows so far and has never been announced in the recent wave of reveals. While cryptic confirmations of all kinds continue to arrive, this time a leak even reveals one of the official artworks and what the plot should be for the game.

Silent Hill: The Short Message arrives as an indiscretion via Resetera, amplified by the known Capcom leaker Dusk Golem. In addition to the first official artwork that you can see just above, the first official indication of the plot also comes from the same Taiwanese classification body that has been talked about recently.

According to the double translation passing through English, the plot of the game looks something like this mentioned below:

Anita came to an abandoned apartment to meet her friend Maya, and somehow woke up to find herself trapped in it. She must escape her own fears and the monsters lurking in the corridors, discover the truth behind the events she’s trapped in, and try to escape before her own trauma consumes her will to survive.

Dusk Golem added that Short Message is currently Konami’s most recently registered trademark for the franchise. Also confirming the cherry blossom monster link and screenshots leaked already some time ago.

Therefore, let’s wait for Konami to give us some clarifications, given that 2023 will be the year of the highly anticipated announcements of the Silent Hill series.