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Shakedown: Hawaii on PS5 Launches December 15

The action game Shakedown: Hawaii will also be released for the PlayStation 5 in the coming week. The developers at Vblank Entertainment are also bringing some new functions into the game.

The responsible developers at Vblank Entertainment have announced that the PlayStation 5 version of the action game Shakedown: Hawaii will be released on December 15, 2020. All owners of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita version will receive the upgrade at no additional cost.

However, the PlayStation 5 version will also have some improvements to offer. Among other things, the adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller are used to give the weapons a new feel. An extended vibration will make the action even more noticeable.

The trophy list is also being expanded, so that a platinum trophy is also introduced. The new trophies are to use the latest improvements of the PlayStation 5, whereby you can jump directly back into the game via the activities.

Shakedown: Hawaii has a new level of difficulty to offer, whereby the developers had already released several updates full of new content in the past few months.

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If you’ve already played through the original release on the previous platforms, there’s never been a better time to give it a second playthrough—especially with the new difficulty mode. Shakedown: Hawaii’s seen “The Mogul Update,” the “Full Tank Update,” the “Shake-Up Update,” not to mention the smaller updates in between.

Don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet? Not to worry! These added trophies / achievements will also be coming to the PC version. Keep an eye out for that update to roll in… and get after that new-new 100 percent!