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Saints Row reboot Delayed Until August 2022

Volition's Saints Row reboot release date has been delayed to August 23, 2022. The developer Deep Silver Volition confirmed the news.

Deep Silver and Volition, on the occasion of the publication of financial results for the last quarter, announced in these recent hours that they have delayed the release date of Saints Row reboot, as the game will not release until August 2022. Check out all the details given by the development studio below.

Saints Row reboot Delayed Until August 2022

saints row delayed to august 2022

The criticized reboot of the popular series was originally supposed to arrive in February, but for several reasons, including COVID, Volition had to postpone the launch of Saints Row to several months later, to August 23.

“Saints Row will no longer release on the originally announced date of 25th February 2022, instead it will launch worldwide on 23rd August 2022,” said the chief creative officer of Volition Jim Boone.

“Our priority is to create the best Saints Row game yet and, if we released on the original date, it wouldn’t be up to the standards we’ve set ourselves, and that you’re expecting and deserve. The team just need more time to do our vision justice; we’re doing some fine tuning and there won’t be much change in the game outside of overall quality and polish.”

“In all honesty, we underestimated the impact COVID would have on our schedule, although everyone adapted very quickly to the working from home arrangement and continued to be incredibly productive. Rest assured, there will not be any changes to the story or the characters or anything that we’ve lovingly imagined over the last few years and already shared with you,” Boone concluded.

In addition, Saints Row might be postponed for another reason. In the next year of February 2022, many high-profile video games such as Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, and Horizon Forbidden West will be also released. So, releasing the game in the same month could probably waken the sales of the new Saints Row game.

Saints Row will be released in August 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.