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Resident Evil Village New Video Shows Werewolf-inspired Lycans; Hunt Animals for Upgrades & More

The wait for Resident Evil Village is a lot, and although it will not miss the launch planned by Capcom very much, information regarding the new title of the series continues to arrive online, and this time with a new video.

Let’s talk today about a new video and many other details that have been provided by Game Informer. This shows, in addition to a little something we already know, also a couple of unreleased gameplay video clips, such as one in which Ethan is attacked by a “Werewolf-inspired Lycan.”

First of all, we are informed that in the game we will be much more in contact with Ethan’s “mind,” since we will be able to listen to his internal thoughts, and therefore also to a certain extent ascertain his mental health.

Lycans are much smarter than any of the enemies you encountered in Resident Evil. They can wait, ambush, and can hunt alone or in groups. Furthermore, they will be of different types.

The village of Resident Evil Village currently has an unknown name, and we will find out in-game why it is simply called “the Village”, but it is also the village of death, littered with dangling goat heads, dead horses, and other carcasses, as evidenced by the early videos. This has the largest settings ever seen in a RE, and also the most vertical design.

So far the role of Chris Redfield is shrouded in mystery, voluntarily, but underlining that this title will show his “dark side”. In addition, the character of Ethan Winters will acquire even more importance: after Resident Evil 7 and the appreciation of critics, Capcom has rightly thought to really show who this man is, and to tell his story.

His movements in this title will be faster, but nevertheless, it will not be enough to shoot everywhere, and often adopting a defensive strategy will be the best choice.

A really interesting detail concerns the fauna: you will find animals such as chickens, pigs, fish, and so on: you can hunt these animals and bring them to the Duke, who can prepare the meat to give Ethan some buffs, such as life, strength, speed. Clearly, the new character will also provide other classic services like any self-respecting vendor.

Last but not least, it looks like Resident Evil Village has the best puzzles of all franchises.