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Resident Evil Village Street Date Broken in Australia, Beware of Spoilers

With day one of Resident Evil Village approaching, we are talking about May 7, 2021, the street date of the game has been already broken as some physical copies are in the hands of players, and spoilers may soon appear on the internet.

Resident Evil Village street date broken

Apart from the details recently revealed by the insider Dusk Golem about the game (we talked about it here), and the new trailers that show unreleased game sections, we talk this time about the actual Resident Evil Village physical copies out in the wild, and the danger of spoilers grows therefore out of all proportion.

As you can see in the Tweet below, posted by user @Kaiser499, a real physical copy of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation is actually in someone’s hands.

As happened for many other games, one above all The Last of Us Part 2, the publisher could deal with the problem suddenly and eliminate the spoilers, in case they emerge on the net.

Thinking of much better news, the new Resident Evil Village demos will soon arrive, which will manage to keep the fans who most await the new iteration of the Resident Evil brand away from spoilers that could undermine their experience, also considering that the last test will also be available on non-PlayStation platforms.

Recall that Resident Evil Village will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on May 7 next month.