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Resident Evil Village Gameplay Video Leaks Are Finding Their Way Online

In a recent announcement, the Japanese publisher Capcom warns of leaked gameplay videos from Resident Evil Village. According to the company, those who do not want to let spoilers spoil the players should keep their eyes open in the coming days and weeks.

Shortly before the end of the week, those in charge at Capcom advised gamers to carefully navigate the international gaming forums or social networks over the next few weeks.

The reason, there are currently numerous leaked gameplay videos for Resident Evil Village that do not come from the recently published Maiden demo. Instead, the gameplay to be seen are based on a developer version of the title and come up with one or the other sensitive spoiler. Players who do not want to spoil the plot of the game should be cautious from now on.

At the same time, Capcom is targeting players who have already viewed or saved the material and asks them not to distribute the gameplay videos further or to deliberately spoil other players. Instead, all players should be given the opportunity to experience Resident Evil Village on their own, without spoilers taking away the fun.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021, for the PC, the Xbox Series X/S, and the PlayStation 5. In addition, Capcom confirmed implementations for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a few days ago.

After the PlayStation 5-exclusive Maiden demo, Capcom will publish a second demo version before the release of the horror adventure, which should allow a closer look at the gameplay mechanics of the title.