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Resident Evil Village DLC Gameplay Video Showcases Playable Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village will get a new DLC soon, and the latest Gold Edition trailer showcases playable Lady Dimitrescu in Mercenaries Mode.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition returns to officially show its DLC with a new trailer, which shows us in action the new playable characters that will soon be introduced. Among these, of course, Lady Dimitrescu could not be missing, a real start who contributed to the mass success achieved by Resident Evil Village. Check out the gameplay video showcasing Lady Dimitrescu as a playable character at the bottom of this article.

Resident Evil Village DLC Trailer Showcases Playable Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village DLC trailer Showcases Playable Lady Dimitrescu

In addition to a new trailer, new details have been revealed for Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries Additional Orders, specifically the playable characters Lady Dimitrescu, Chris Redfield, and Karl Heisenberg.

The DLC was announced during last month’s Capcom Showcase: the new trailer released in these hours, which you can view at the bottom of this article, shows us in more detail the gameplay of the new characters.

Lady Dimitrescu is in fact just one of the new stars of the trailer available in the new DLC: players will soon be able to take control of Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg, one of the most popular villains in Resident Evil Village.

The protagonist update of the trailer released by Capcom will concern a new mode coming to The Mercenaries: “Additional Orders” will allow players to play all 3 new beloved characters of survival horror.

The DLC will also be available separately from the Gold Edition thanks to the Winters’ Expansion, which will also include a third-person mode: this will allow users to be able to observe Ethan during their game.

The expansion will also include the Shadows of Rose DLC, in which we will play Ethan’s daughter in what is defined as a first sequel to the story of Resident Evil Village.

We remind you that Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and Winters’ Expansion will both be available from October 28: during the same day the “disappeared” multiplayer of the series, Resident Evil Re:Verse, will also be officially launched, finally ready to return to action.

In any case, the aspect that will surely intrigue users the most is certainly the possibility of playing Lady Dimitrescu: the villain has proved so popular that it has even inspired a $1,500 statue. Check out the DLC trailer below.