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Resident Evil Village DLC Leaked Via SteamDB

Resident Evil Village may receive DLC in the future. In the past few hours, Capcom uploaded undisclosed DLC for the game to SteamDB.

The latest title of Capcom is not a very long game, but Resident Evil Village provides fun for the optimal number of hours. Nevertheless, there will be some players who would have found the story quite short, but thanks to the leaked information on the DLCs, players can now replay the game to discover additional things introduced in the title.

According to the game’s page on SteamDB, we’ll see something interesting. There are two unknown expansions in the game’s DLC tab. Moreover, one of them is signed directly as Village_DLC02. The mysterious content has been on Valve’s servers for four months. In addition, we also find a second, unsigned package that has been in the base for seven months.

Resident Evil Village DLC

The first pack of content can actually be an addition or a smaller story DLC similar to those from RE7. Resident Evil Village sold well and no one would be particularly surprised if Capcom wanted to develop a well-liked story in a paid expansion.

The second pack can actually be anything. There is a second (or rather first) DLC at stake, a hidden bonus, a test version, or even Resident Evil Re:Verse. The last option, however, is the least likely, as Re:Verse has its own page on Steam.

In any case, it is also possible that none of the above DLC might be nothing but placeholders. The creators sometimes upload additional files for themselves and they do not prove anything. We will soon find out what exactly it will all end up in the near future. Stay tuned for more information on Resident Evil Village DLC.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.