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Resident Evil Portal New Website Will Launch in Early 2021

2021 will be a year full of news for the Resident Evil saga. Not only the brand new Resident Evil Village will arrive, the eighth chapter which will see the return of Chris, but there are also rumors of the arrival of a new remake for chapter 4.

But the news does not end there. A few hours ago, on the brand’s official Twitter account, the announcement of a new online Resident Evil portal dedicated to the series arrived, which will be activated in 2021 and will prepare for the arrival of various projects focused on the franchise.

This is the tweet with which Capcom announced the upcoming opening of Resident Evil Portal. This new site should contain and evolve all the services that until now are available on the RE Service, the online platform contained in the main chapters of the saga.

This will then bring together the current Ambassador Programs, Resident Evil.Net, Resident Evil Portal, as well as the Japanese Biohazard Series Official and Biohazard Club96. A very large writing underlined in red on the announcement page also states the following: “Make sure you’re locked and loaded, and stocked up on green herbs, because a new Resident Evil experience awaits on the Resident Evil Portal site!”.

Among the main functions of the site, there will be the sharing of new information on the next chapters of the saga and the possibility of presenting different types of content. Resident Evil Portal also aims to become a platform capable of connecting members of the enthusiast community.

At the moment, the site does not have a specific opening date, but it is expected for a generic start of 2021. Get ready, next year will be all Survival Horror and zombie-themed.