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Resident Evil Outrage Will Be Similar To Code Veronica Tier Title, Not Best Looking RE Game, & More – Insider

For several months now there have been rumors of the development of the third chapter of Resident Evil Revelations 3, which will be officially titled Resident Evil Outrage, following a leak suffered by Capcom.

One of the many titles connected to the series seemed to be a new spin-off called Resident Evil Outbreak. It looked like the spin-off in question was supposed to be a different project than Revelations 3. According to a recent report, it would seem that Resident Evil Outbreak is not part of another Resident Evil spin-off series, but that it will be the third installment of Revelations.

According to the insider Dusk Golem, Resident Evil Outrage would in fact be the name of the third installment of the spin-off series, which would abandon the word Revelations only in the name, but not in the contents.

In addition, the insider reiterated that the launch date of the game will not be too distant from Resident Evil Village and that it will be an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch, at least initially:

Dusk Golem also confirms that Resident Evil Outbreak will certainly use the RE Engine, even if it will be the version of the graphics engine designed for Switch and not that best looking. In any case, he underlines that, as soon as the temporal exclusivity is over, the game will be released on all available platforms. He also reveals that the main protagonist will be Rebecca again, although there should be other characters too:

It would also seem that the title will be more like a Code Veronica tier title that has remained in development for more than 4 years and that the developers have had a budget with figures very close to those of Resident Evil Village.

If the rumors are confirmed, surely Resident Evil fans will be able to rejoice in enjoying a new game in the series shortly after the eighth main chapter.

According to Capcom, Village will be the biggest chapter of the series , and since Outbreak seems to have had a very similar budget we are certainly curious to see if it will be able to be equally immersive.