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Resident Evil 5 Remake is in the pipeline, fans believe

Resident Evil fans think that after the Separate Ways DLC with Ada it will be the turn of the remake of the fifth main chapter.

Although the remake of Resident Evil 5 has not yet been confirmed, fans are certain that it will be the next remake from Capcom. The latest update of the remake of the fourth chapter of the survival horror saga seems to have dispelled any doubts. Check out all the information below.

Resident Evil 5 Remake Could Be Next, Fans Think

Resident Evil 5 Remake Could Be Next, Fans Think

As you all know very well, Separate Ways is in fact the paid DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake which sees the return of Ada Wong in her own mini-adventure as an alternative to the main campaign.

Now, however, according to reports, fans think that after Separate Ways it will necessarily be the turn of the remake of Resident Evil 5 (warning: spoilers on chapters 4 and 5 of the series follow).

The DLC chapter that follows the adventures of Ada Wong also includes the presence of Albert Wesker, whose appearance makes fans think that the villain will actually return in a remake of Resident Evil 5.

Ok they’re definitely making a RE5 Remake right? It’s a matter of when not if, right?
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All in all, this isn’t such a bad theory, since Wesker’s final line definitely sets up the showdown between him and Chris in Resident Evil 5.

It would be a little strange if Capcom ended its remake plans and invited players to rediscover a game from 14 years ago if they want to see what became of Wesker’s Menace, instead of giving them a new remake.

If we consider that Resident Evil 5, together with the sixth chapter, is not among the most loved, it remains to be seen whether Capcom will decide to “rehabilitate” it in the eyes of fans.

Moreover, the epilogue of the base game already seemed to wink at a possible remake of the fifth chapter of Biohazard, so right now we just have to wait for confirmation from Capcom.