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Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries Mode Costumes & Character Abilities and Playstyle Leaked

Future Resident Evil 4 DLC content may already have just been found in its code by dataminers.

Resident Evil 4 remake was released last Friday, but it already has a bright future ahead of it and it will welcome the additional mode The Mercenaries on April 7 and “Separate Ways” DLC as well. Capcom has also planned to make The Mercenaries mode compatible with the PlayStation VR2 so that it can be played in virtual reality, a way of directly competing with the Quest 2 port of the original. Check out the complete information below.

Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries Mode Costumes & Character Abilities and Playstyle Leaks

The new version of Resident Evil 4 remake has received a great reception from both players and critics. More content has already been confirmed in the form of a Mercenaries mode, and digging into the game’s files may have revealed yet another expansion.

As Twitter user ResiEvilCentral reports, people on the game’s Discord channel have taken a dig in the files of the new Resident Evil 4 remake. There they have found references to “Another Order”, the Japanese name for the expansion known in the West as Separate Ways.

This is not the first time that the DLC “Separate Ways” has appeared in the Resident Evil 4 Remake context. Recently, Dusk Golem, a known Resident Evil leaker, claimed that the expansion will come to the new version at some point, and that it will be more comprehensive than the original.

Besides, the dataminers may have already discovered even more things than what the publisher wanted to show us. A certain Gosetsu from the Discord RE Wiki channel has got his hands on alternate costumes of Leon, Ada, Luis, Hunk, Wesker, and Krauser, which should therefore all be playable with different outfits and weapons in The Mercenaries mode.

In addition, the same Twitter user has also posted information about the character’s abilities and playstyles that can be found below:


  • Leon is an all-round, balanced fighter. During Mayhem Mode, his abilities including attack power and speed are greatly increased.
  • Luis has good firepower but weak close-quarter abilities. During Mayhem Mode, he can set dynamite which explodes after a certain amount of time or when shot.
  • Krauser has strong melee attacks and explosive arrows at his disposal. During Mayhem Mode, he mutates and can deal close-quarter attacks or thrust attacks
  • Hunk not only has a high-performance submachine gun but also a unique melee attack that can kill instantly. During Mayhem Mode, he gains unlimited ammo.
  • Ada has a variety of weapons to deal with any situation. During Mayhem Mode, her abilities including attack power and speed are greatly increased.
  • Wesker can parry with his hands and even deliver melee attacks on distant enemies. During Mayhem Mode, he is able to perform combo melee attacks.

Capcom has yet to say anything official about the expansion, so whether or not it’s actually on the way is still unclear. What we do know for sure is that the Mercenaries mode will launch on April 7, free to anyone who owns the main game of Resident Evil 4 Remake.