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Remedy Hints Alan Wake 2 Launch Window

Remedy Entertainment confirms Alan Wake 2 launch in 2023 with a "hint".

Although the title has been absent from the scene for a long time, the launch window of Alan Wake 2 continues to be scheduled for 2023, and without any delay in sight: it was Remedy Entertainment itself who revealed it, with a “hint” published on social networks. Check out the complete details below.

Alan Wake 2 Launch Window Possibly Hinted by Remedy

Remedy Hints Alan Wake 2 Launch Window

There is certainly a lot of anticipation for the sequel to Alan Wake, as it is one of the most ambitious projects from the Control studio. After a long wait, this should be the right year to be able to discover up close the second adventure of the saga, Alan Wake 2.

The development team had reassured fans several times about the confirmed release in 2023, but it is clear that without any real new information or updates, the fear of a postponement is always around the corner.

This time it was Sam Lake who further reassured the community, with a very interesting greeting message in which he promises that 2023 will be a “crazy busy and crazy exciting” year.

The creative director and writer then explains what exactly he meant by this statement by simply attaching an image containing the Alan Wake 2 logo, explaining that if fans look closely they could “see a clue”.

There shouldn’t actually be any hidden message within the image, published by Sam Lake simply to confirm – in his own way – that the release of the second chapter of Alan Wake continues to be scheduled for 2023. Many users on Twitter, however, are guessing that the release date of Alan Wake 2 might be November 11, 2023.

The development of the title should therefore proceed without particular hitches and not be postponed, even if unfortunately we do not yet have a definitive launch date available. We will keep you promptly updated on our pages if any announcements or official updates arrive.