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Redfall Vampire Shooter Xbox Exclusive Title Announced by Bethesda, Launches Summer 2022

During the latest Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 conference, a new Bethesda IP developed by Arkane Studios was presented, which takes the name of Redfall and has already shown itself to the world with a dedicated gameplay trailer.

Redfall is a new cooperative first-person shooter game, which also has an open-world style. The game’s story takes place in the picturesque island town of Redfall, Massachusetts. The place is surrounded by a legion of vampires, who have blocked the sun and isolated the island from the outside world. Trapped in this nightmare, players must come together and work as a team to become true vampire hunters.

It is possible to play the title either alone or with friends. The interesting part of having allies is that the characters have unique abilities, and combining them can be the key to success.

An interesting point about the game is that Redfall’s vampires were created after a science experiment went horribly wrong. In addition, the story also tells that they continue to evolve after the transformation, which will cause players to meet some vampires along the way with more powerful and deadly abilities.

You can find as usual the first gameplay trailer of Redfall at the bottom of this article, in which you can see characters mastering magical powers against still unknown threats, apparently halfway between ghosts, zombies, and vampires, of which we can’t wait to discover further details.

It appears to be a high-budget game, which as confirmed will be an Xbox exclusive and will arrive specifically on Xbox Series X/S and PC in the summer of 2022.