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Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Leaked, Will Be Revealed in April 2022

Ubisoft reportedly has a big Rainbow Six Siege Mobile announcement to make in the next month of April, according to the insider Tom Henderson.

You are probably familiar with Ubisoft‘s great Rainbow Six Siege revival, and the next step could be a mobile version. Now according to reports, not only would this version exist, but it could also be revealed very soon. The source is Tom Henderson, a well-known insider who often spreads rumors that turn out to be true, who claims the existence of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile, and which could even be shown in April.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Leaked (2022)

rainbow six siege mobile leaks out

A new report from Tom Henderson for the Exputer site reveals that Ubisoft will announce its new mobile game next month, and it will be Rainbow Six Siege Mobile.

The announcement of the game would be scheduled for April 6 2022 according to the well-known journalist and insider: on that date, we will have a first trailer and articles from some sites in the sector.

Rumors of a smartphone version of Rainbow Six Siege have been circulating for some time, especially since Ubisoft Halifax sent some mobile players a survey asking how familiar they were with Rainbow Six Siege.

There aren’t many details about the game, but it looks like the launch will be split into multiple parts like most titles in this genre. A source that Henderson spoke to and who got access to a confidential presentation says the game “will be massive for the mobile market” and that it will be “a mobile game that Siege fans will love.”

Rainbow Six Siege has seen tremendous success since its release in 2015, with over 80 million registered players as of late 2021. Chinese giant Tencent will work closely with Ubisoft over the next few years to bring more of its IPs to the mobile market, with a new Assassin’s Creed title and The Division in development.

A move that makes a lot of sense, beyond all, considering that similar games like Apex Legends Mobile are now a reality.

Rainbow 6 Siege Mobile Release Date

There were some hints made about the release date of the title during Tencent’s fourth quarterly earnings call recently, and in it something was mentioned about “Projects with Ubisoft” under the 2023 timeline. So, it could be possible that the release date of Rainbow 6 Siege Mobile is scheduled for the year 2023.