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Rainbow Six Extraction Release Date Confirmed

During the Ubisoft Forward event, we were able to admire the gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction, and we now know the release date of the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction available in September 2021

Today we finally got to admire Rainbow Six Extraction in a first gameplay trailer, officially shown during the Ubisoft Forward of E3 2021, in which we were finally able to get a complete overview of the game since its announcement, as well as the release date: September 16, 2021.

Just recently, Ubisoft confirmed that – after naming the Quarantine game in the announcement phase for the first time – it has officially taken the name of Rainbow Six Extraction.

In reality, this is not the first time we will have the opportunity to see the gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction, as not long ago a leaker showed an entire hour of gameplay on Twitch, before receiving a ban on the platform and on the account.

In fact, we know that the game has already been made available in private and non-shareable test phases, and this is yet another confirmation concerning the state of development of the now advanced game.

The video in question showed us the actual game mechanics that will feature the experience arriving on all platforms. There is talk of extractions for obvious reasons, and you can admire the gameplay trailer of the first-person shooter as usual with the video at the bottom of the article, just presented during the conference.

It should be noted that although it is a playable work online in the cooperative, this Rainbow Six will not present a competitive multiplayer sector player against player, as it will focus on the progress of the missions against the virus, in some ways the true protagonist of the title.

We will therefore only have to put our hand on the game, in the hope that the developer as always continues to support his work and expand it over the years with continuous content through updates, aimed at making the experience fresh even after many games.