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PS5 Faceplates: New Company Sells Custom Side Panels & Insists It Can ‘Sell Safely’

The next dealer has started to offer custom faceplates for the PS5. So you can let the side panels of the PlayStation 5 shine in a different look. You have to pay at least $35 for this.

A provider called Game Armor has started taking pre-orders for unofficial PS5 faceplates. According to their own statements, these can be sold “safely,” even though Sony recently targeted another distributor.

We reported back in October about a shop called PlateStation5.com, the operators of which later chose a new name with CustomizeMyPlates.com. At the same time, the company was forced to cancel all PS5 faceplates ordered and take the products off sale after the PS5 platform owner threatened legal action.

Game Armor, on the other hand, believes they are on the safe side. The first PS5 faceplates, which are available in matt black, red, and blue, can be ordered on the company’s shop page (set up via Myshopify). The introductory price is $35. Later $50 will be due.

According to the company, the products are currently in production and expected to be shipped in mid-January 2021. They also do not fear of any problems with Sony: “Because our name isn’t deceptively close to a trademarked one, because our product doesn’t include trademarked logos, and because our armor is designed differently enough to not infringe on design patents, we’re able to sell safely,” says the provider for the PS5 faceplates.

It remains to be seen whether it is currently advisable to pre-order faceplates quite blindly. But it is not really difficult to change the side panels of the PS5. As was shown in an official PlayStation 5 teardown video in October, the PS5 side panels can be removed in a few simple steps and replaced with new ones, which should ensure numerous custom designs in the coming months.