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A PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Will Be Announced in June 2021 – Rumor

According to the well-known insider Navtra, a new exclusive PS5 Final Fantasy game will be shown during this year’s E3 2021.

Below you can check the statements of the insider, in which it is specified that new announcements could arrive during the Californian conference:

I believe you can expect at least one more major FF announcement in addition to updates on the currently announced stuff (XVI/Endwalker/VIIR).

It should be a good E3 season for Square overall.

Continuing with his statement, and entering into more details, the insider also spoke of a possible new Final Fantasy designed to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title:

I don’t know their exact E3 schedule, but I’m guessing based on knowledge of what games they have in development, how far in they are, and their target release dates. So take it with a grain of salt.

I believe we’re getting two major SE reveals this June: A PS5 exclusive FF title, and a cross-gen Eidos title.

These are obviously quite strong statements, which as stated by the insider himself which must be taken with due precautions, as it is not yet confirmed officially. The possibility that Square Enix wants to show a new chapter of Final Fantasy exclusively for PS5 at E3 2021 such as the Final Fantasy XVI episode is not entirely remote, considering that the company seems to be working on several productions that we do not yet know.