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PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Available Now, Including 4K Support

The PlayStation Plus Premium subscription will also allow streaming of PS5 games in the future as well as past generations Sony has finally started bringing the PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta with 4K support for select users, including PlayStation Plus Premium users.

Sony has begun the public beta of the PS5 cloud streaming for games including 4K support, and the first PlayStation Plus Premium users have started receiving invites to join. Check out the complete information below.

PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Available Now, Includes 4K Support

PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Available Now, Including 4K Support

Sony has launched a beta test program that allows selected users of the PlayStation Premium service to try out the new PS5 cloud streaming feature for games, also in 4K resolution. To date, PS5 titles have not been available in streaming, but only in local processing, so it would certainly be a remarkable support with multiple uses.

The novelty, announced in June 2023 without going into too much detail, was communicated by the players themselves, on ResetEra forums, where, however, some information was shared regarding the titles available and the streaming quality.

The invitation to join the initiative, as you can see from the screenshot below, offers the possibility of accessing the beta and preview of the service, which when active will be available precisely for PS Plus Premium users.

According to the user who first published the news on ResetEra, ArashiGames, after installing the new firmware you will be able to access the function, which allows you to set the resolution to 720p, 1080, 1440p, and up to 2160p (4K).

On launch, games automatically load your cloud saves, so you can pick up right where you left off without delay.

As for the available titles, ArashiGames himself lists God of War: Ragnarok (of which he took a couple of screenshots), Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Destiny 2, Returnal, Demon’s Souls, Death Stranding, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Destruction All Stars and Fall Guys – with trials also available for Resident Evil Village and Demon Slayer.

In June, Sony anticipated that the testing phase would include “PS5 games from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue and Game Trials, plus supported digital PS5 titles that players own” and would add more titles over time.

The most interesting surprise is certainly the possibility of streaming at 4K, and while it is not clear whether it is about the resolution of streaming or rendering, it could still help to solve the problem of graphic artifacts following compression, which creates a sort of “haze” on the screen.