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PS5 Beta Adds 1440p Support & Folders for Games

Sony is finally bringing 1440p support to the PS5 and also folders for your games in a new software beta update for the console.

Sony has announced that a new beta version of the PS5 firmware is coming in the next few hours (not available in India, but only in some countries) which introduces some latest innovations, including 1440p support and more, that will later be available for everyone. Check out all the details below.

PS5 Beta Firmware Adds 1440p Support & Folders for Games

ps5 beta adds 1440p support & folders for games

As reported on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has decided to launch a new beta of the PS5 system software that includes 1440p support, Gamelists, and additional audio and social updates to improve gaming experiences and make it easier to connect with friends online.

The new software beta of PS5 now introduces support for HDMI 1440p video output, allowing gamers to select an additional visual setting on compatible monitors and TVs.

If the game you are playing supports 1440p rendering, you can try the native 1440p output on your display. Or, if you are playing a game with a higher native resolution like 4K, you might benefit from better anti-aliasing through supersampling up to 1440 output.

The game folders are finally here, also known as Gamelist. To create one you will have to go to the section of your collection in the dashboard and use the appropriate option. You can have a maximum of 15 gamelists and 100 games per gamelist. All games can be added to folders, whether they are on disc, digital, or streaming.

There are also small improvements, such as the comparison between 3D and stereo audio and the possibility of seeing the activities in progress as soon as the Game Hub is opened. Finally, there are new social features, such as asking party members to start screen sharing and send stickers and voice messages in groups on the Game Base card

Recall that the PS5 software beta will be available to select participants in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France. If you have been selected to participate in the beta, you will receive an email invitation when it is available for download starting today. As always, some features available during the beta phase may not be included in the final version or may undergo significant changes.