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PS4 Pro Production Might Be Discontinued, Price Drop Hinted?

The PS4 Pro is no longer available in the PlayStation Direct Store. There we also find a note that there are currently no plans to offer the console again anytime soon. Could this mean production of the PS4 Pro version will be discontinued?

The PS4 Pro version is no longer sold in the PlayStation Direct Store. Therefore, there is already speculation on the internet whether the production of the console released in 2016 could be stopped entirely.

If Sony should really stop production, the company would free up additional capacity for the production of the PS5. Because Sony confirmed last month that the PS4 will be supported for a long time, the successful era would continue with the significantly cheaper slim edition.

In addition, a PS4 Pro still costs $399.99 dollars, which is exactly the same as the Digital Edition of the PS5. In fact, there has never been a price drop since it was released.

Microsoft took a similar move in the summer and ceased production of the Xbox One X. The Xbox One S, however, continues to be produced, which is the counterpart to the PS4 Slim. This means that Microsoft can focus better on the new generation of consoles.

So far, Sony has not commented on a possible discontinuation of production. If we learn anything new in this regard, we will inform you as soon as possible.