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PS4 9.00 Update Is Crashing and Bricking Some Consoles, How To Fix It?

The PlayStation community is reporting serious problems with the new update 9.00 version for the PS4. From crashes to bricked consoles, everything is included.

The new PS4 update 9.00 is available for download now. Actually, there is a reason to be happy, because there are some useful innovations. First and foremost, the PS4 should work better in conjunction with the PS5. For example, you can now finally see the trophies received on the new console on the last-gen console. Now comes the bad part. Unfortunately, the update 9.00 for PS4 seems to have a lot of problems, from crashing the console, and in the worst-case scenario, bricking the PlayStation 4.

PS4 9.00 Update: List of Problems

Let’s start with small issues first. For some users, the update does not load or cannot be installed. It can happen that you are caught in a loop because the download keeps restarting.

Once the file is installed, your PS4 may have frame rate problems and suddenly run slower. Other people affected report that they can no longer activate some apps and open the Playstation Store.

The list of problems is long: controllers no longer connect, the system starts with an error screen or crashes. On Reddit, the community is trying to find out whether certain models of the PS4 are affected, as the update doesn’t bother most of them and works smoothly. However, a real result has not yet been reached in the subreddit.

But it can be much worse. For some users, the update even seems to make the console unusable. There are several messages stating that the PS4 does not work at all after the installation. Here is a comment from Redditor scallywac:

Completely bricked my PS4 Pro. I even tried reinstalling software directly from PlayStation’s website via USB and still couldn’t get it to work.

How to fix the crashing and bricking issues of PS4 after installing update 9.00?

For the time being, there is no fix for PS4 crashing and bricking issues after updating to firmware version 9.00. Maybe, users will have to wait for the latest patch from Sony to fix this issue.

Basically, the recommendation for electronic devices is to keep the software as up-to-date as possible. In this case, however, it might be better to wait for a patch until the errors have been corrected before installing.

So far, Sony has not yet officially commented on the problematic update. We will update this article as soon as Sony releases any patch or update to fix this issue, so keep an eye on this article at regular intervals.