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PS3, PlayStation Vita, & PSP Stores Will Reportedly Close Soon

According to a recent report, it seems that Sony will shortly, definitively, close the virtual stores dedicated to video games on sale for PS3 and PS Vita, & PSP in digital format.

The internal source is not cited by the TheGamer.com site, but is believed to be reliable. The official announcement by the Japanese giant should take place by the end of the month. The closure concerns the contents dedicated to Sony’s first portable console, PSP.

In detail, the stores dedicated to PSP and PS3 should be closed on July 2nd, while the PS Vita one should remain open until August 27th. Starting from these dates it will no longer be possible to make purchases of the digital versions of the games dedicated to these consoles. It will also be impossible to purchase any type of DLC for any game currently still available.

PlayStation 3 was originally launched in 2006 and to date has had sales of a total of 87 million units worldwide. Production of the console officially ended about four years ago. Sony’s first portable console, the PSP, has sold around 81 million units since its debut in March 2005.

PS Vita, on the other hand, did not record the same success in terms of sales: around 15 million units were sold all over the world. A console in which unfortunately we never believed enough, but which was particularly loved by fans of the Sony brand thanks to the possibility of being able to play the original titles for the first PlayStation.

In recent hours, Sony also announced that PlayStation Vita warranty extension registration will close in Japan after March 31, 2021.