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PS Vita Game Downloads & File Transfer Dead for All Console Owners

PS Vita (or PlayStation Vita) wasn’t born under the luckiest of stars for more than some time. The portable console of Sony, generated and abandoned shortly by its own parent company, has been destined for oblivion for some time now and is not even supported by PlayStation 5. Despite this context, it is still mysterious why at this moment the users of the portable console are reporting that they can no longer download games on the console.

There are many reports coming from Reddit and from the ResetEra forum, where different error codes are indicated every time when any PS Vita user tries to download a game that was previously purchased.

The first complaint of a player who was unable to download Ys Origin, with the console replied that he is getting the error “unable to connect to PlayStation Network,” returning with the error NP-2245-3 due to inability to access PlayStation Network, and it was later followed by numerous others.

For example, many gamers pointed out that they could no longer download their games, or transfer them from PS3 to Vita. In recent weeks, with the PlayStation Store browser update, the ability to buy PlayStation Vita games from a computer was also removed, but there is no official news of the intention to stop supporting downloads from the console entirely.

On top of that, gamers have reported that digital games can still be downloaded from PSP, proving that it shouldn’t be a strategic choice related to the “old age” of PS Vita and obsolescence.

It is likely that this is a momentary flaw that Sony will try to fix in the coming weeks.