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PS Plus Premium Gets Steelrising Trial for PS5

Steelrising is the new free trial game available to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers for two hours on the PS5 console.

PS Plus has surprisingly added a new free trial game, Steelrising, for users subscribed to the Premium subscription: this is a demo that will prove particularly interesting for many players, being a soulslike title released just a few days ago. Check out the complete details below.

PS Plus Premium Adds Steelrising Demo for PS5

ps plus premium gets steelrising trial for ps5

The new free trial on PS Plus Premium was in fact reserved for Steelrising, the latest production by Spiders and Nacon which intends to make soulslike more accessible to the general public. It is in fact a title that stood out for having introduced an easy mode, until then considered unthinkable by many fans of the genre: Steelrising was officially launched on September 8, 2022.

According to reports, the addition of this new free demo took place a few moments after the launch of 17 new free games for PS Plus subscribers: the free trial will last only for 2 hours and will allow you to test yourself from the first minutes of gameplay.

Recall that Steelrising is set in an alternative Paris of 1789: you will play as a mysterious automaton committed to defeating the soldiers of King Louis XVI, coming to collide with a mechanical army that has repressed the French Revolution with blood.

The new free trial game of PlayStation Plus Premium will allow you to continue the story without any additional limitations, in addition to the 2 hours of time available: it means that you will have full access to the complete standard edition of the adventure.

If you then choose to make this soulslike title yours forever, you can of course keep the progress and continue exactly where you left off last time: if you are curious to try the latest production of Spiders and Nacon, you can start the download from now via the official page of the PlayStation Store.