PS Plus Premium’s PS1, PS2, PSP First Games Leaked Early

PS Plus Premium games have started leaking via the PS Store early, according to a leak on the PlayStation Network.

It seems that a leak has revealed some of the classic Playstation games that will be available to PS Plus Premium members, giving us an idea of ​​the retro games that we could find in the PS Plus library. Check out the first classic games coming to PS Plus Premium subscription below.

PS Plus Premium’s PS1, PS2, PSP Games Leaked


PS Plus Premium's PS1, PS2, PSP Games Leaked Early

Things are really happening around the new PS Plus subscription services. Now bringing forward three subscription services at varying prices, the PS Plus in its Premium form will let players to rediscover old PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP classic games. In these recent hours, a new leak might have well revealed new retro titles for this program.

The Reddit post published by a leaker shows the covers of some iconic titles of the PlayStation universe, namely Tekken 2 (PS1), Mr. Driller (PS1), and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP). Later, the same source discovered and reported two other IDs related to Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon.

However, this is only a preview, as the PS Plus Premium subscription will allow subscribers to access numerous PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP titles. In fact, even though the leaker only indicated 5 titles, Sony talked about a total of 340 games included in the PS Plus retro collection.

The fact that among the first games to emerge there are classics like Tekken 2, as well as the lesser-known Mr. Driller and a cult-like Ridge Racer, gives us an idea of ​​the vastness and diversity of retro titles that can be accessed with the subscription.

It will take a while before we can play the PlayStation classics, as the new PS Plus Premium service will launch first in Asia on May 23, then in Japan on June 1, and America on June 13, and finally in Europe on June 22. So, some players will therefore have to wait for the summer to fully discover the new Sony service.

Recall that the service will be available in three levels: PS Plus Essential, the lowest level that offers a mirror offer to the current PS Plus, namely two monthly downloadable games and access to online games.

The second level, or PS Plus Extra, expands the offer and acts as a direct competitor of the Xbox Game Pass, allowing access to a library of 400 downloadable PS4/PS5 games.

PS Plus Premium is the most complete version of the subscription and allows you to stream your entire PS Plus library using the cloud, as well as allowing access to the aforementioned retro titles.