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Pokémon Unite Will Release on Nintendo Switch in July, Coming Later To iOS & Android

The new trailer of Pokémon Unite shows a little more of the little monsters game in League of Legends style and confirms release for the coming months

Pokémon Unite, the new MOBA for download on Android, iPhone and iPad (iOS) phones, and Nintendo Switch, will be released between July and September 2021. However, the set dates have not been revealed. The new game of the little monsters franchise also gained an unpublished trailer.

The title of The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games will bring different creatures in its collection, such as Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Gastly and Snorlax, and other more recent as Lucario, Fletchling, Greninja, Froakie, and Scorbunny. It will be possible to download Pokémon Unite for free (the game is free-to-play) and it will have crossplay between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Pokémon Unite is based on games like League of Legends and DotA 2, known as MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Matches are played between two teams of five players that start with weak Pokémon at the start.

When facing and capturing wild monsters across the map, or facing other players, Pokémon level up, learn new moves, and even evolve. This gained strength boost is then used to conquer important areas of the map, which count as points for your team.

Each of the pocket monsters will have its own moves and advantages, as you can see in the trailer below. A classic feature of the series will not be present: the effectiveness between certain types of Pokémon.