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Pokémon Presents August 2023: All Games Announced

Here's everything that was announced at Pokémon Presents today, including Pokémon: Paldean Winds, Pokémon Horizons: The Series and more.

In these recent hours, The Pokémon Company broadcast the much-awaited Pokémon Presents August 2023 event, the latest (at the moment) Nintendo Direct-style presentation dedicated to the Pokémon franchise. Check out all the games announced in the new Pokémon Presents below.

Pokémon Presents August 2023: List of Games Announced

Pokémon Presents August 2023 List of all games

During the 35-minute live show of Pokémon Presents, the Japanese company announced not only new games but also provided updates on titles and products already available on the market. In case you missed the entire event, don’t worry, as below you can find the summary of everything that was shown during the Pokémon Presents.

Pokémon: Path to the Peak

From August 11, the first episode of Pokémon: To the Top will be visible on YouTube, a new animated series focused on the Pokémon trading card game.

Detective Pikachu: Returns

During Pokémon Presents, The Pokémon Company showed a new trailer for Detective Pikachu: Returns that introduces some of the main characters of the game, and more. The video, visible below, allows us to learn more about the main characters, some gameplay dynamics (for example we will have to investigate various scenes to solve the mysteries), and information on the story. Furthermore, it has been announced that pre-orders are now open on the Nintendo eShop.

Detective Pikachu: Returns will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 6th.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

A new trailer for Pokémon Horizons: The Series could not be missing, the new Pokémon anime currently airing in Japan. At the moment we still don’t know when it will be broadcast in other countries, with a generic “coming soon” as the broadcast window.

Pokemon GO

Some Paldean Pokémon will arrive in Pokémon GO starting in September. More details will be shared soon.

Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Stadium 2 arrive on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has announced that Pokémon Trading Card Game, a title originally released on the Game Boy. It will arrive in the next few minutes on Nintendo Switch Online, as well as Pokémon Stadium 2 for the Nintendo 64.

Mew and Mewtwo arrive in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokémon Company has announced Mew and Mewtwo will soon be coming in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In addition, by redeeming the code GETY0URMEW as a Secret Gift you will receive a special Mew.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Treasure of Area Zero

How could a new trailer for The Treasure of Area Zero, the next DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, not be missing? From this video we were able to learn new details about the first part, The Teal Mask, as well as a release date.

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Finally, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon: Paldean Winds, a new original animated series arriving starting from September 6 in English and soon in other languages.

Here’s the complete Pokémon Presents August 2023 broadcast: