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PlayStation VR 2 Specs Look “Even Better”, Digital Foundry Claims

For a few weeks now, there has been no news about PlayStation VR 2, for which Sony has so far only revealed the Orb Controller. Meanwhile, the internal specs of PlayStation VR 2 are circulating around out there, which seem to be quite impressive.

Digital Foundry claims PlayStation VR 2 specifications look impressive

Digital Foundry was able to take a look at the specs of PlayStation VR 2, which once again emphasized that they were happy to see the headset for PS5 in development. The unpublished specs also make a good impression, they say.

“One thing I think that is kind of heartening is that Sony is doing PSVR 2 for the PlayStation 5,” Richard Leadbetter, the tech enthusiast of Digital Foundry said. “We’ve seen some leaked specs and it looks good. We’ve seen some other specs which haven’t been leaked which make it look even better.

“So, hopefully VR will be able to expand, there will be more choice in the headset arena, and also I’m quite looking forward to seeing what this new Sony controller is about,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that where exactly this information comes from, which Digital Foundry has access to. But one can assume that they will be authentic for sure.

So far, Sony has only revealed that the headset will definitely not be launched this year. According to an earlier report from Bloomberg, the company may aim for a release in the summer of 2022. But nothing of this is official so far.

In addition to technical improvements, PlayStation VR 2 should further optimize the user experience above all in order to more easily reach the mass market.