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PlayStation Boss Explains These Requirements Must be Met by A Studio for A Takeover

Sony Interactive Entertainment is cautious when it comes to studio acquisitions. The PlayStation boss Jim Ryan explained in his latest interview what requirements a development studio must meet for this.

PlayStation Boss explains what requirements a development studio must meet for acquisition

In an interview with TmtPost, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan spoke about the in-house studios and the production of video games. Among other things, he was asked what requirements a development studio must meet in order to be considered for a takeover.

Ryan explains that these studios must-have “excellent development capabilities.” At the same time, Sony also “values artistic creation and excellent narrative.” In addition, the staff at the studio need the ability to put themselves in the player’s shoes. According to Ryan, the focus of a high-quality PlayStation title is emotions.

The right technological equipment also plays a major role. He adds to the artistic aspect that imaginative concepts have to be designed and then implemented.

The last important requirement is long-term cooperation. Regardless of whether it’s Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch, or the recently acquired Returnal developer Housemarque, Sony had already worked successfully with all of these studios before the takeover.

This enabled them to get to know exactly how they work, their strengths, and their development skills. This helps the company to accurately assess their potential and know where they still need to improve. “This process has never been easy, but it is far more better than buying some studios that we know little about,” said the PlayStation boss.

Finally, Ryan refers to the current 14 PlayStation studios, all of which meet all of the above requirements without exception. Further development studios could join in the foreseeable future.

Only last month rumors surfaced about a takeover of Bluepoint Games, which last worked on the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls. To date, however, no official information has been announced.