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PlayStation Project Q Reportedly Has a Short Battery Life

Sony's new peripheral, PlayStation Project Q, is still largely a secret, but a report talks about a short battery life of the handheld.

PlayStation Project Q was one of the announcements of the latest Showcase of the Japanese house, and since it was unveiled some information about its short Battery Life has been arriving, as per reports. The hardware will expand the PlayStation 5 offer in the coming months. Check out the complete information below.

PlayStation Project Q Has a Short Battery Life – Reports

PlayStation Project Q Has a Short Battery Life

After a series of rumors that went on for a long time, the confirmation of the existence of the PlayStation Project Q arrived, with the first details (you can check out the reveal trailer of the PlayStation Project Q at the end of this article). There is still no release date if not a possible release window, and this time it’s up to the possible discovery of battery life.

PlayStation Project Q is a device designed for remote play over Wi-Fi from PS5, it will have an 8-inch display and there will be more details in the future. From what we could see, the peripheral looks like the old Wii U pad, but is designed to be used with PS5.  The battery is therefore essential and, according to reports, the duration may not be optimal.

PlayStation Project Q wants to replicate the DualSense, as Jim Ryan specified during the showcase, as well as battery life which should settle around 3-4 hours. It may seem like a satisfactory duration but just imagine that Nintendo Switch, an entire console, has essentially the same duration.

It will therefore be necessary to understand what the goal of such hardware will actually be, also in relation to battery life. Obviously, all that remains is to wait for an official confirmation, which will be able to give us a more complete scenario of the PlayStation Project Q handheld.

The price of PlayStation Project Q, moreover, is missing, which will give the final confirmation (or not) of this new PlayStation hardware.