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PlayStation Project Q Price Potentially Leaked by Microsoft

According to reports, it seems that the price of PlayStation Project Q, a handheld gaming console from Sony, has been leaked by Microsoft.

The current court hearing between Microsoft and the FTC unearths more information than the parties involved are probably comfortable with. Among other things, the expected price of Project Q is mentioned there by Microsoft. Check out the complete details below.

PlayStation Project Q Price Leaked by Microsoft?

PlayStation Project Q Price Leaked by Microsoft

There seem to be all sorts of arguments made as to why the FTC should approve the Activision and Blizzard acquisition deal. It’s about its own market position, exclusive games like Indiana Jones and Starfield, but unexpectedly Project Q is also mentioned in a side note.

In this, Microsoft points out that Sony is launching a “handheld version of the PlayStation 5 later this year for under $300”. Here not only the chosen name is interesting, but also the rather high price. Most recently, it was assumed that Project Q would cost a maximum of $200 US dollars.

Of course, Microsoft does not know what Project Q will actually cost in the end, but they are still allowed to make a professional assessment, which is why it remains exciting how cheap or expensive Project Q will actually be.

However, if you really aim for such a high price, the question arises, what else can Project Q do? The functions presented so far would probably hardly justify this price level. The fact that Microsoft calls the handheld a mobile PS5 is particularly exciting. Is there actually a full cloud streaming device behind Project Q that is equal to the PS5 in a slimmed-down form?

Officially, so far it is revealed that the Project Q has an 8-inch screen that delivers a resolution of 1080p at 60fps. In addition, all buttons that the DualSense controller also has are available here, as well as all features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Project Q will work via a pure WiFi connection, but it is assumed that this is used for the demanding cloud connection. This would later make a 5G version or something similar in contrast.

Project Q is expected to launch later this year.