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PlayStation Italy Teases Upcoming Sony State of Play Showcase?

PlayStation Italy has published a rather vague hint that could point to a new State of Play event or PlayStation Experience showcase. The show is rumored to air in July.

PlayStation Italy teases State of Play event

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Sony will broadcast another edition of the State of Play series in July. This is a format in which games are presented and announcements are made. After Sony stayed away from E3 2021 and acted in the background in recent months, such a show seems well overdue.

And indeed, Sony seems to be preparing for something. This is indicated by a small teaser on PlayStation Italy’s now-deleted tweet. In a picture it says in a nutshell: “Make yourself comfortable, is about to begin. #Staytuned.”

On their own, these words can mean a lot. And the Italian followers are confused and don’t really know what Sony is getting at. But they fit perfectly with a rumor that started a few days earlier. An insider would have suggested that the latest PlayStation Showcase will be announced on Thursday or Friday. The show could be broadcast sometime between July 6 and 12, 2021.

Elsewhere it has been rumored that you can expect a show that is 80 to 90 minutes long. The showcase will be about games that will be launched this year and next. One or the other announcement should therefore be there.

It is still questionable whether the showcase will actually run under the State of Play label. It was only recently rumored that Sony would like to revive the PlayStation Experience format. A corresponding trademark protection appeared.

While the State of Play shows are usually shorter and focus on a few games, the PlayStation Experience offers a show with a trade fair character.