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PlayStation 5 Warns You if you are running PS4 Version of a Cross-Gen Game

Sony now corrects one of the most contested problems of its new-gen console of PlayStation 5.

An update may have fixed one of the most serious shortcomings of the PlayStation 5 operating system experienced by users since launch. Starting with the cross-gen games, in fact, players eager to try the PS5 version often found themselves slinging on the one for PS4.

A contradiction, if we consider that they were starting their games on a PS5 and no longer on an old-gen console. However, as reported by the Twitter user Tidux, Sony has patched it up with a recent update.

The next-gen console of PlayStation 5 is now able to detect if we are starting a cross-gen game and asks us for confirmation of the version we want to access.

A window appears every time you try to access a game with two versions, PS4 and PS5, with the request to confirm whether you want to start with the variant for the old-gen console or switch to the new generation one.

This prompt avoids creating confusion on those titles where the differences are rather subtle, and allows you to make sure you have started the one for PlayStation 5 right away.

A tweak to the quality of life of next-gen users that was not advertised as part of the changelog of the latest update, but which is certainly very pleasing to the players.