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PlayStation 5 Slim To Release in Q3 2023 – Rumor

The PS5 Slim seems to be close to the official release, with a date that is the number one suspect, although nothing is officially announced about it.

It looks like the PlayStation 5 Slim seems to be ready for release, with a presumed date rumored in this recent hour. Sony, in fact, had announced a possible restyling of its console and the Slim versions have always been a great success among gamers and non-gamers. Check out the complete details below.

PlayStation 5 Slim Rumored To Release in Q3 2023

PS5 Slim To Release in Q3 2023 Rumor

According to reports, it seems that the rumored PlayStation 5 Slim may be arriving in the third quarter of 2023, even if there is obviously no official confirmation of the new model despite several potential leaks taking it into consideration.

In fact, a general overhaul to console design is a classic practice in the gaming industry and PS5, in particular, looks just like a device that might be in dire need of a redesign, considering its somewhat peculiar and decidedly bulky appearance.

This new model of PS5 should therefore arrive in the third quarter of 2023 as reported by a site in question, based on sources not better identified but apparently internal to Sony. Although the new model is probably not officially identified as “PS5 Slim”, it would still be a smaller and lighter console than the current one.

Through the implementation of a smaller SoC, capable of absorbing less power to operate, this would result in a series of small changes that would lead to a lower need for space and volume for cooling of the PS5 system. While performance is expected to be the same, therefore, this design overhaul would lead to a smaller PS5, reportedly.

The well-known journalist Tom Henderson drew attention to the publication as well. According to him, this is the same PS5 with a removable drive, which he reported back in September. Sources familiar with Sony’s plans say that the company plans not to violate the authenticity of the console, so the new PlayStation 5 will retain the style of the previous ones.