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PlayStation 3 Game Updates Started Disappearing Reportedly Ahead of Store Closure

According to current reports, it is no longer possible to update many PlayStation 3 games. It is speculated that we could be dealing with a technical error or problem.

At the time, numerous games were provided with updates on the PlayStation 3, with which the developers incorporated new content and features or simply eliminated errors. According to current reports, users who continue to operate their PlayStation 3 are currently struggling with the problem that various titles can no longer be updated, although corresponding updates are available.

On the one hand, well-known first or second-party productions such as Journey, Gran Turismo 5, and Twisted Metal are affected. Successful third-party titles such as Payday 2, SoulCalibur 4, Battlefield 4, Just Cause 2, or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are also mentioned by users.

As a result, owners of the affected games can no longer access the latest versions and miss various content and features – in some cases even the online mode and associated trophies. The fact that the PlayStation Store of the PlayStation 3 will be closed on June 2, 2021, should have nothing to do with the whole thing.

Instead, it is speculated that we are dealing with a simple database error. This is supported by the fact that the updates for the affected titles can sometimes only not be downloaded in one region. Since Sony Interactive Entertainment has not yet issued a statement, it is unclear when a solution to the problem can be expected.

Whenever the company will provide clarity in this regard, we will of course bring you up-to-date news regarding the same immediately.