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How To Play Horizon Forbidden West On Steam Deck?

Want to get on with Aloy's adventure on the hand-held Steam console? Here's how to play Horizon Forbidden West on Steam Deck.

Horizon Forbidden West is a PS5 and PS4 exclusive game title that hasn’t received its PC release date as of now. While the official compatibility for this sequel game is still unknown, it didn’t stop Ahoy’s fans from playing Horizon Forbidden West on Steam Deck. Luckily, there is a workaround to run this PS-exclusive game even with no official compatibility. However, this will require you at least 100 GB of free storage space on your console or microSD card. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Play Horizon Forbidden West on Steam Deck?

How to play Horizon Forbidden West on Steam Deck
Image Source – Deck Wizard on YouTube.

You can play the Horizon Forbidden West using the PlayStation Plus Remote Play. But for that, you will require a PlayStation Plus subscription at the Premium tier and a PS4 or PS5 console. Before we start, ensure that you have installed the game on your PS console.

Follow the below steps to play Horizon Forbidden West on Steam Deck:

  • Turn on the Steam Deck and head to the Discover store.
  • Search for the Chiaki app and install it.
  • Launch the app and select the “Connect to PlayStation” option.
  • Enter your PlayStation’s IP address or hostname and ensure that it is connected to the same WiFi.
  • You can find your hostname or IP address by heading to Home > Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  • Then, you can find the list of all the games installed on your PlayStation console.
  • Finally, select and launch the game on your Steam Deck.

Note that it will require you to customize the controls in the Chiaki app to map the PlayStation controller buttons for Steam Deck. You can also enable the “Touchpad Overlay” option but that might not be a perfect solution. It’s also worth noting to have a fast internet connection for smooth streaming quality. If you face any lag or technical issues, you can adjust the streaming quality.

Ultimately, we would recommend players wait for a PC release potentially in early 2024 for a smoother and official way.

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