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Payday 3 Is Official & Will Release in 2023

It has been known for some time that Payday 3 was in development at Starbreeze Studio, and yesterday during the E3 2021 we had the confirmation, the launch window is set for 2023, a period certainly still far away but undoubtedly reassuring.

Payday 3 coming in 2023

To take control of the situation was Koch Media, and within two years we will thanks to the publishing service for putting their hands on the work on both PC and console, probably on next-gen consoles (but it is not certain that the old-gen versions are not currently in the works).

We were able to admire a short teaser of the game, which we know will aim to expand the narrative universe already in-depth in the first two iterations of the brand, and with the many DLCs arrived over the years for Payday 2. The gang of robbers, which takes the name of Payday, will allow the player to “play the part of the bad guy” and to identify with a highly organized team that cultivates a real art of theft.

According to what has been confirmed, we will be able to rob locations as varied as ever, and we will undoubtedly be able to make a better acquaintance with the iconic thieves, who under their masks will have something to tell us between one mission and another.

We do not currently know many details about the new real game, except that it will be a first-person shooter as per the tradition of the brand, but all the cards on the table could change as regards what Starbreeze has already accustomed us to by now.

Whether it’s missions against other players, modes and skills that we can’t even imagine, or simply a graphics sector that will know how to squeeze the new consoles that just arrived, we can’t wait to find out more details about Payday 3, which will surely arrive over the next few months after this E3 2021.