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Payday 2 Five Best Mods & How To Install It?

Here is our pick of 5 best mods for Payday 2, what they offer and how to install or uninstall them.

In this guide, you can find a list of five best and safest mods for Payday 2. Also, check out the steps on how to install mods in Payday 2. If nothing works well and you want to restore the original game settings, then the guide also has steps on how to uninstall mods from Payday 2. Most of the listed mods are popular and add advanced functionality to the game. Like Better Bots, this one adds advanced AI teammates to the game. They will be smarter offering you more competitive gameplay. So here is a list of the ten best mods for Payday 3 and how to remove them if you do not like the mod.

Best PC Mods Download for Payday 2

1. Stamina Circle Mod

Stamina Circle Mod Payday 2

This mod puts a stamina circle inside the health bar and gives a visual warning as stamina depletes. The default game HUD does not have this, and most of the stamina is consumed while running and sprinting. Being aware of low stamina will allow players to make decisions about when to avoid sudden movement. The Stamina bar refills back as you rest. Here is how to install Stamina Circle Mod in Payday 2.

  1. Install the SuperBLT Off-site Mod app and download the mod file.
  2. It will be in zip or rar format, use Winrar to extract the content.
  3. Copy all the files into the mods folder, which is located in the game installation directory.

To uninstall Stamina Circle Mod just delete the files related to this mod from the default installation folder.

2. Stop the Cheater

Stop Cheater Mod Payday 2

Stop the Cheater Payday 2 mod gives an unusual penalty to players who cheat in the game. It will put them in slow-mo mod reducing their speed to 0.05 times than the normal speed. It will look as if they are lagging. It is one of the best Payday 2 multiplayer modes, where you can punish the cheaters in a funny. The mod can be turned on via simple key binding. When you catch a cheater just activate this and the player will stuck in a never-ending slow-mo mode. This will force him to leave the match. Follow the steps below to install Stop The Cheater Mod in Payday 2.

You can download the Stop the Cheater Payday 2 mod from Nexus mods.

3. Simple Crosshair

Simple Crosshiar Mod

A simple yet important mod for Payday 2. This Simple Crosshair Mod adds a tiny yet accurate crosshair to the game. It will help you to improve your aiming. The crosshair will always remain visible in the center of the screen, which is quite helpful in many ways. Having a constant crosshair on the screen will give you a few second advantage while aiming. It will automatically improve your headshot target.

4. Jokermon

Jokermon Mod Payday 2

Jokermon allows you to manage and train your own teammates. You can train up to 50 jokers in your team and summon them in the game. Your default AI teammates will no longer go to the heist. In their place, you can have our own trained cops. If you are bored playing with the same teammates then try this out, but remember that this mod can break the game. There is some issue with stability, however, it is working for some users.

  • You can download and install this mod using Modsworkshop.net.
  • You will need SsuperBLT Off-side Mod to install this mode.
  • Check the dependencies section of the mod page for detailed installation steps.

5. Carry Stacker

Carry Stacker Payday 2

Dropping all bags after loot is tiring if you are playing solo. So how this can be done faster? There is a mod called Carry Stacker, that will increase your bad carrying capacity. Through mod settings, you can carry 10 or up to 20 bags. An extremely useful heist for players who prefer to play solo in Payday 2.

  • The mod requires SuperBLT.

So these were the top 5 best mods for Payday 2. Here are some more interesting mods that can make the game more interesting. To extend the cosmetic or skins in the game you can test out Tailor Expansion. A mod that will add a lot of amazing outfits to the game. Advance Movement Standalone is another mod that adds some really nice moving mechanics in the game other than running and sprinting. You can use dash fast, slide, or perform a wall run in Payday 2 with this mod.