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Palworld: Can Xbox Game Pass Play With Steam? Explained

Does the game support crossplay or cross-progression? Check out our guide to find out if you can play Xbox Game Pass Palworld with Steam.

Given the soaring number of copies in simply a few days, Palworld is currently the most popular game. This indie game is widely available on Xbox consoles and PC via Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Since you can play this game with your friends, many wonder if they can play the Xbox Game Pass Palworld on Steam. This will allow other players to join and play the multiplayer regardless of buying the game on either platform.

Nowadays, features like crossplay and cross-progression are pretty common in most games. But considering the game is in Early Access, are these features available right now? So, here’s everything to know about it.

Can Xbox Game Pass Palworld Play with Steam?

play xbox game pass palworld with steam
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Unfortunately, you cannot play the Xbox Game Pass version with the Steam. That’s because there is no crossplay or cross-platform compatibility at the moment. Instead, you can play with your friends using a particular version. For example, you can play with your friend if both of you are running the game on Steam Xbox Game Pass or PC Pass. However, due to the lack of cross-platform support, you won’t be able to play if they are running a different version.

That said, the developers confirmed to be working on the crossplay feature as confirmed on their Discord FAQ. Hopefully, we can expect the developers, Pocketpair, to introduce more crossplay features in the future. But we suggest being patient as the game is currently in Early Access.

That’s everything covered about if you can play Xbox Game Pass Palworld with Steam. For all the players that liked and found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out what is the fastest flying mount, how to get and use Pal Fluid, and explore more Palworld Guides, and Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.