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Palworld Pal Fluid Farming Tips (Best Ways)

Wondering how to farm Pal Fluid in Palworld? Here are the best farming tips to get more Pal Fluid.

From being called a Pokemon with guns game to the best-selling indie title on Steam, there is no stopping Palworld break more records. Palworld features a wide range of items required for crafting recipes and making resources. One of these includes the Pal Fluids that translate to the bodily fluids of the Pals. That said, no Pals were harmed and there is no mistaking it for Pal Blood. As its description states, “It is useful for its high viscosity“. But how to get and farm Pal Fluid in Palworld? You can obtain them from the various Water-type Pals scattered around the world.

Don’t worry, here are the best farming tips for Pal Fluids in this game. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Way to Farm Pal Fluid in Palworld

Palworld Pal Fluid Farm Tips
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You can head to any coastline to farm Pal Fluids since you will find many Water-type Pals there. These include lakes, rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. So, here are some locations where you can obtain and farm Pal Fluid in Palworld:

Gobfin’s Turf

  • As you head to this location, you can find plenty of Gob Fins around this area.
  • Once you find them, you can kill them to get Pal Fluids.
  • These Pals usually drop 3 to 4 Pal Fluids when killed.

Plateau of Beginning checkpoint

  • From this checkpoint, head to the northwest direction where you will find a road.
  • Keep on walking straight to find several water-type Pals along the way.
  • Alternatively, you can also head south towards the mountains from the checkpoint.
  • Once you reach the mountains, head down the hill to find a beach where you can find many water-type Pals.

What Pals Drop Pal Fluid in Palworld?

Here are all the following Pals that drop Pal Fluids:

  • Pengullet
  • Gobfin
  • Jormuntide
  • Fuack
  • Celaray
  • Kelpsea
  • Surfent
  • Teafant

Since the game is currently in Early Access, there could be more water-type Pals in the future. When that happens, we will make sure to update this guide.

What Recipes Require Pal Fluid?

This item can be used in building several technology recipes that you can unlock as you progress. They are as follows:

  • Lettuce Plantation (Level 38)
  • Witch Cauldron (Level 32)
  • Tomato Plantation (Level 32)
  • Water Fountain (Level 23)
  • Cement (Level 19)
  • Hot Spring (Level 9)
  • Celaray’s Gloves (Level 7)

That’s everything covered about the best Palworld Pal Fluid farm tips. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out if the maps and resources are randomly procedurally generated, and explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.