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How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Nintendo Switch?

You can now connect any Bluetooth speaker or headphone to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch has received a brand new update where it now supports Bluetooth speakers and headphones. You can pair Switch with Bluetooth speakers enjoy gaming with a loud sound. It is an extremely small system update and is available for all regions around the world. This guide has instructions on how to turn on Switch Bluetooth and connect it with any audio device wirelessly.

How to Pair Bluetooth Speaker to Switch?

Switch Bluetooth Settings

Switch Bluetooth Settings

  1. Go to Settings > System and run a System Update. The latest Switch System Update 13.0.0 comes with a Bluetooth option. After running the update follow the below steps to hook a Bluetooth speaker.
  2. On your Bluetooth Speaker press the Pair button for some seconds.
  3. On some speakers, Pairing is activated by holding the Bluetooth button for few seconds.
  4. Lights on the speaker will start blinking which confirms the speaker is in pairing mode.
  5. On Nintendo Switch go to Settings > scroll down to Bluetooth Audio. It is below Controllers & Sensors.
  6. Select Pair Device. Wait for a few seconds Switch will detect the speaker.
  7. Pair it and done.

The speaker or headphone will now act as the default audio device. You can listen to the game audio or music on the speakers directly. It is quite comfortable on the hand-held mode. If you do not want to use a headphone with cable connection. Bluetooth audio is way more simple and comfortable in many terms. For example, on Dock mode, you can watch videos and listen to a speaker if your screen does not has audio support.

Problems or Limitations of Switch Bluetooth Connectivity:

  1. You can use only 2 Wireless Controllers while using a Bluetooth Speaker.
  2. During Local Communication, Bluetooth Audio will not work.
  3. You cannot use Mics with Bluetooth Support.
  4. There can be some delay in the audio due to latency.

Before the system update, users only have an option to use a Switch Bluetooth adapter, a separate tool that sits on the Type-C port. It connects the console with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. It was an add-on gadget at a price. But after this new system update, users won’t have to worry about buying any third-party accessory. They can just instantly hook their Switch to any audio device that comes with Bluetooth support.