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Pac-Man 99 New Battle Royale Game for Nintendo Switch Available for Download Now

Through a trailer, Nintendo has announced Pac-Man 99 and which is already available for download now. The game, like Tetris 99, will be a battle royale. It can be downloaded for free as long as you are registered on Nintendo Switch Online.

Pac-Man 99 for Nintendo Switch download available now

After the aforementioned Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35, then comes a battle royale inspired by one of the great classics and most iconic video games in history: Pac-Man 99. Like Tetris 99 it not only shares the title number, but also some game mechanics.

In fact, it will be possible to send penalties to other players and hinder opponents on the basis to increase the likelihood that they will be wrong and be defeated. You will have to guide Pac-Man in a maze to collect the dots scattered in the game scheme, while trying to escape the ghosts. In this version, however, you will also have to pay attention to the opponents and the unexpected users will be around the corner.

In addition to the online mode, paid offline mode for a single player is available for the price of $1. The CPU battle allows you to practice against computer-controlled players. Also available are Score Attack and Time Attack modes, with which we can challenge ourselves and beat records.

DLC based on other classic video games are already available for purchase on Nintendo Switch. The full pack, with music themes included, is available for purchase for $30. The downloadable content will change the map, and the skins of both Pac-Man and ghosts.

Although Tetris 99 was initially mocked by some due to the proliferation of battle royale everywhere, it immediately proved to be an excellent title, fun, fresh and competitive, able to be appreciated by both veterans and new players. On the other hand, it is always interesting to play video games from a different perspective.

We hope Pac-Man will be equally successful and entertaining for the players. Check the announcement trailer of the game below.