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Nintendo Switch Pro Won’t Release in 2021, Analyst Predicts

In the past few months, Nintendo has been associated with a possible Switch Pro model. According to leading analysts, however, we shouldn’t expect a new version of the Nintendo Switch Pro to be released this year. After all, the available variants continue to sell at an impressive level.

Sources from supplier circles recently confirmed the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro model. And while Nintendo remains silent on this topic, leading analysts have now spoken out with rather skeptical forecasts.

As they say in the corresponding statements, we shouldn’t expect a new Nintendo Switch Pro model to see the light of day in 2021. Due to the continued high sales of the currently available versions, an additional variant is simply not necessary, according to market researchers.

Commenting on the subject, David Cole of DFC Intelligence said: “Normally we don’t like to speculate on unannounced products like a Switch Pro but in this case, I am willing to go on record saying I think it is unlikely there will be a major new console from Nintendo in 2021. However, there may be some tweaks to the existing Switch. Whether that is enough to call it a “new system” or even a Switch Pro, I think is unlikely.”

He continued: “There are lots of reasons there is no rush to launch a radical new Nintendo system, but I think the main reason is it doesn’t make much business sense. With companies like Nintendo new hardware systems are always in development so rumors run rampant. However, the bottom line is Nintendo has no need to rush a new hardware product to market.”

Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities stated: “It’s a close call. Nintendo doesn’t “need” a new model, since the current Switch is selling so well. More likely, it will introduce a new model at the same time as it cuts price on the old one, or more likely, will keep the Switch Lite and cut it to $149 or so with the Switch Pro replacing the normal Switch at $299.”

In recent news, the President of Nintendo said that the Switch Pro Model might not come anytime soon.