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Nintendo Switch Pro: Screen, Size, Dock, & Launch Window in Europe Details Leaked

A recent report from the Spanish website may have given us new details on the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro with an OLED screen, size, and more.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Screen, Size, Dock, etc details leaked

In these recent hours, we continue to talk of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro model, a new console of the Big N that now seems to be in the pipeline, but today a new report may have anticipated new details on the machine, also confirming the presence of an OLED screen.

We are talking specifically about an article from the Spanish website, which was reported on the ResetEra forum by the user Lunanto, who translated several significant details about the upcoming console.

Let’s find out what the new 4k model of Nintendo could offer us, following the new report mentioned below:

  • Dimensions somewhat similar to Nintendo Switch, although it seems Nintendo Switch Pro has an OLED screen almost without frames.
  • It will be compatible with the current Joy-Con controllers (therefore also with the various variants, but this suggests in any case a new model of the iconic controllers).
  • Surface-style flap for playing on flat surfaces.
  • Micro-SD slot on the back, more accessible and easy to use.
  • A slightly larger dock, with 2 USB 3.0 ports and an ethernet port.
    4K output to TVs.
  • It should arrive in Europe in late November (not confirmed), but very few units will be available.

This time, more than ever, we invite you to take everything with a grain of salt, considering that – despite several clues in the recent past – Nintendo Switch Pro has not yet been confirmed in any way by Nintendo, and even in the event that this is made official, it is not certain that features such as OLED and 4K output will actually be included.

A recent report from the well-known Bloomberg portal has brought back the rumors related to Nintendo Switch Pro, which had been extinguished for some time now. It must be said that, despite all sources anticipating a debut in 2021, the (possible) new Nintendo console has been indicated this time for the month of November, slightly different from the launch window placed between September and October, as said by various insiders in the past few hours.