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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Be Revealed on June 4th, According to a Leak

According to a new leak, Nintendo Switch Pro could be really close to an official reveal: we are talking about the day after tomorrow, the 4th of June.

Although the previous rumors had proved unfounded, we have a new leak to report on the Nintendo Switch Pro: the listing of new hardware linked to the hybrid console in the online catalogs should be scheduled for June 4th. At least that’s what the new sources claim.

The rumors about the new model for the Big N console have been many, especially in the great pre-E3 event that has occurred over the last few days. Now, a tweet from CentroLeaks points towards a very imminent reveal, although the details at the moment are really sparse.

We do not know if it is explicitly Nintendo Switch Pro, but beyond June 4 is the only constant CentroLeaks prefers to talk about. “We have received and verified a screenshot from a big retailer’s internal system that shows a new Switch hardware-related listing will go live on June 4 (around midnight),” can be read from the tweet below.

In the second post, in response to the previous one, CentroLeaks increases the dose by asserting that it is a catalog foreign to the North American territory, but by a US retailer. “Also worth noting that this specific listing is a non-US listing from a US retailer. That should give you a hint what retailer it is lol,” concludes the post.

Twenty-four hours earlier, however, a report by sources still anonymous indicated the possibility of an imminent announcement, in the merit of which Emily Rogers put her hand on the fire with an emoji. This rumor turned out to be false, denied by the total silence on the part of Nintendo.

Are you excited about the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Pro?