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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Reportedly Release Before March 2022

According to what emerged from a new report from Bloomberg, the Kyoto house would have every intention of dominating the video game market next fiscal year, surpassing the current sales record thanks to the release of a totally renewed lineup of games and a new model of Nintendo Switch Pro.

According to information released by the famous US mass media multinational, the Big N would like to make the new gaming peripheral available before the end of March 2022.

Although at the moment there has been no official confirmation from the Japanese company, these statements would come directly from “component suppliers, software publishers, and retailers,” which would have confirmed that Nintendo considers it necessary to add a new version of the Switch Pro, so as to maintain (if not improve) the sales of the console in the coming years.

According to the data reported by the well-known American multinational, the Japanese company would have a new series of games available that should significantly boost the sales of gaming peripherals, exceeding the 250 million units distributed worldwide during the fiscal year.

If these estimates prove to be confirmed, the Kyoto house expects an increase of about 45 million consoles compared to the current projection, which stands at 205 million. It is worth remembering that in recent weeks Bloomberg itself had returned to the subject several times, reiterating that the Switch Pro variant of the Nintendo Switch should mount a 7-inch OLED panel made by Samsung (compared to 6.2″ and 5.5″ of the current models available on the market), support the maximum resolution of 4K once connected to the TV and have an exclusive stock of titles, along the lines of what was seen in 2014 with the debut on the New Nintendo 3DS market.

While waiting to learn more on the subject, we remind you to take this rumor with due precautions, since the Kyoto house has not expressed itself in any way on the matter. According to what emerged from the Bloomberg report, the Nintendo Switch Pro version of the hybrid console, in addition to a 7-inch OLED panel and 4K (once connected to the dock), should also present a revision of the internal Nvidia SoC.