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Nintendo Switch Pro Price Leaked by Retailer

A French retailer may have leaked today what will be the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro, indicating it in its catalog at the price of 399€.

Nintendo Switch Pro price leaked?

New leaks continue to emerge regarding Nintendo Switch Pro, a console that seems to be revealed soon despite the absence of any official announcement from Nintendo. We are dealing today with a French retailer who may have revealed how much Nintendo Switch Pro will cost.

Just recently, Amazon Mexico accidentally presented the product page to the world, but did not include a price for the new Nintendo console, which this time was instead shown by mistake, we are talking about 399€.

If we think about it, considering the potential news that emerged from the leaks, between OLED and changes to the dock for 4K, it would be a more than reasonable price. While Nintendo Switch Lite is offered at a price around €100 less, Nintendo Switch Pro, if it really is the real price, would offer more performance for €100 more than the base model.

Below, the Tweet of the French page of Nintend’Alerts in which (it is assumed) how much Nintendo Switch Pro will cost is shown, as it is indicated for 399€ in the catalog.

We currently do not know if and when Nintendo will reveal the console, which however seems to have almost become the talk of the day due to the many leaks that have emerged on the net in the past few hours. According to a recent clue, Nintendo Switch Pro could be presented to the world on June 4, although it remains likely that it will be talked about at E3 2021 in Los Angeles.

As it is known, Nintendo will participate in the E3 2021 event, and it, therefore, seems plausible that new details will emerge during its dedicated Direct.