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Nintendo Switch Pro To Be Shown Pre-E3 2021 Event, Launch Window Leaked

The rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro never stop: a report even points to an exit in September 2021, complete with a pre-E3 announcement.

Nintendo Switch Pro will release in September 2021

The rumor wheel on Nintendo Switch Pro has resumed (or rather, has never stopped) spinning, and apparently, the new model for the hybrid console of the Big N could already be in the pipeline as early as September. The Kyoto giant would have planned a revision starting in July, for a publication in the autumn period.

At least, that’s what the insiders claim. According to them, the new console would have a higher price than the original, and its announcement could even precede E3 2021. This would allow publishers to calmly show their console titles at the event starting on June 12th.

The insiders behind the rumor about the Nintendo Switch Pro release in September have asked for anonymity since it is still confidential information. The plan of the Japanese company would be to release the console together with the Switch Lite counterpart already on the market, and then gradually replace the standard model.

At that point, the new model (whose commercial name is currently known only to very few key members of the company) will join the already numerous expeditions in the summer. Production will then peak in the period between October and December, to the detriment of the already infamous shortage of components.

Here is a last-minute semi-confirmation from Nintendo World Report’s Emily Rogers. The editor (and in turn an insider) more or less tacitly supports the rumor, in response to a user who speculated an announcement between today and tomorrow.